The Hey Player is a new way to securely send, stream and share content.

Designed by creatives for creatives, the Hey Player allows content owners to control when, how long, and most importantly who can access and view their content.

Sharing Options

We put you back in control of your media, make it public or private. You can see the details of everyone who accesses it, you can even control how many times your work can be played.

— Choose the 'Campaign' option if you only want to email the Player link to a specific list of people.

— Select the 'Public' option if you want to generate a unique link to share across your social media.

Custom Expiry

How long your media should be accessible. Choose from; one hour, one day, three days, seven days or 14 days. Within the selected media duration, you can control how many times people are able to playback your media.

Easy Scheduling

We give you full control over how and when your media is shared. Select the date and time you would like the content to be published — you can schedule up to 28 days in advance.

Earn Revenue

If your media is commercially available, you can provide direct links to the listing (for example if you are an artist with music on services such as Spotify and Apple Music).

Links to additional website URLs should be entered in the ‘Other’ field.

Powerful Reporting, Easy Access

Hey Player provides in-depth data and analytics to demonstrate, in real-time, how your content is being received by whom, where, when and how.

Our reporting helps you make the key decisions to get the results you need.


To provide industry-leading levels of control over your media, we also have to deploy industry-leading security practices too. We use military-grade encryption to store all your data securely in our private cloud, and sophisticated monitoring tools to control the access to your media.

With the Hey Player our aim is always to protect your work, yet still make it accessible in the ways you decide.