What is Hey Ants?
Hey Ants is a simple solution for users share documents, files and artwork anywhere in the world via secure and safe file transfer. With generous GB limits, Hey Ants makes light work of transferring files and documents whilst on-the-move from mobile phone or via desktop.
Do I need to register?
To transfer files, no sign up is necessary.
How many GB does Hey Ants offer?
With your free account, you have up to 2GB of transfer. With Hey Ants Black, you get a 20GB limit as well as 100GB of file transfer storage (this means you can have up to 100GB of active transfers at one time)
What is an active transfer?
Any transfer that you’ve sent that is yet to either be downloaded or reach it’s expiry date is considered an active transfer. With Hey Ants Black, you can have up to 100GB of active transfers at one time.
What does Hey Ants Black offer me?
Hey Ants Black is our premium package, which provides you with bigger GB limits as well as the additional features listed below:
Send up to 20GB of per transfer
100GB of storage (5 simultaneous active transfers of 20GB each)
Personalise your profile and choose your background images
Ability to delete transfers once they’re sent provided they haven’t already been downloaded
Password protect your transfers
Customisable link expiry (up to 14 days)
How much does Hey Ants cost?
The price of Hey Ants depends on the package you chose. Hey Ants Free is a free service
What is the difference between sending an email transfer and sending a link transfer?
The recipient will automatically receive an email with the Transfer details – making it easier to share Files. When sending via link; anyone with the link can download the File(s).
How do I password protect my transfer?
With Hey Ants Black, you’re able to further protect your transfer by adding a password. Your password is not stored in our system as an added security precaution, meaning you’ll need to share the password with your transfer recipient(s) as we will not be able to help with the password retrieval.
To add a password, ensure you’re logged in to your Hey Ants Black account.
Is there a transfer limit?
You can upload your files as often as you like. With our free service, you can upload 5GB per transfer, and with Hey Ants Black you can transfer up to 20GB.
How many people can I send a single transfer to?
You can transfer files to 25 people per transfer with both Free and Hey Ants Black accounts.
How do I know if my files have been downloaded?
One the recipient has downloaded your files, we’ll send you a download confirmation. This confirmation is triggered when the download link in the email has been clicked, meaning if you send your transfer by sharing a link transfer, you will not receive a download confirmation.
How do I know if my transfer has been sent successfully?
Once the recipient has downloaded your files, we’ll send you a download confirmation email.
Can I send my transfer to multiple people?
Yes you can! Simply add more than one email address to the ‘recipient email’ box. You can send each transfer to a maximum of 25 people.
How long are uploads available to download?
This depends on how you choose to upload your files. When you upload using our free service, your transfers are available for up to 7 days. After this, they’re deleted to make room for new transfers.
Will the recipients see the other email addresses I send my transfer to?
No they wont. Each email is sent separately, similar to using BCC in emails.
Can I download a transfer that has expired?
No, you cannot download a transfer that has expired as once the transfer has expired it’s removed entirely from our server. If you are trying to download a transfer that has expired, please contact the person who sent you the transfer and ask them to send it again.
Why can’t I open the transfer I’ve been sent?
If you can’t open the transfer you’ve been sent, please check the file expiry date, as there’s a possibility that it has expired. Please also ensure you have the correct permissions to access the transfer. If the transfer was password protected, please ensure you’re inputting the correct password.
Do you look at my files?
No we don’t. As long as you abide by our rules, we don’t interfere with your transfers.
Do you amend my transferred files?
No – we couldn’t amend anything even if we wanted to.
Why is Hey Ants slow to upload or transfer files?
If you’re finding your upload speed slower than usual then there might be a problem with your Internet service provider. If you’re using an anti-virus software or a VPN, they may also be slowing down your speed.
Where do you store my files?
Your files are stored securely in our private cloud.
What happens to the transfers I made before I upgraded to Hey Ants Black?
If you were a registered free user then your active transfers will automatically be brought across to your Hey Ants Black account.