Full screen advertising for brands and featured backdrops for creatives

Hey Ants is a champion of creativity and was developed in the spirit of global collaboration across creative communities. Put simply, Hey Ants is part of the workflow process to get initial ideas, on-going work and finished projects from A to B.

The Hey Ants experience offers full screen advertising for brands and featured backdrops for creative types to showcase their work.

Hey Ants is fast becoming one of the favoured go-to business tools of the creative community with current users from around the world, including UK, USA and the Middle East.

If your brand would benefit from big, bold, beautiful advertising on Hey Ants, contact support@heyants.com. All full screen adverts and backdrops include optional geo-targeting capability and a minimum of 30 seconds on-screen time.

Our in-house designers and curation team will be pleased to help you perfect your appearance on Hey Ants.

To showcase your work on the complimentary featured backdrop (yes, free-of-charge!), send your work via www.heyants.com to support@heyants.com

Check out some of our favourite ad campaigns and featured backdrops in the Roll of Honour below.


“It’s super cool and easy to use”
Matthew Chesney, Director, BackLit Gallery, Nottingham, UK

“Loving your #filetransfer service. Hassle-free with a great user interface - I'm looking forward to a future with no more failed downloads! Love your interactivity btw :-)”
Maya Stone, DeepDownDirty - Independent Electronic Dance Music Label, UK

Roll of Honour

Visual Artists (Painters / Illustrators / Arts Organisations)

Rochelle McConnachie
Lewis Campbell Art
Clair Rossiter Illustration
Courtenay O’Neil
Jessica Watson-Thorp
Seham Kably Illustration
Matthew Chesney, Backlit Gallery
Auckland Museum


Aiez Mirza Studio
Darren Haynes Photography
Andy Von Pip Photography
Jamila Hyasat Photography
Old Harry Rocks, Dorset, UK © Thewhoandwhat.com
Pepper Yandell Photography

Fashion Brands

Glassing UAE
Zadig & Voltaire
Jamie Wei Huang, London Fashion Week Festival
Paul Smith UAE

Graphic Designers

Jacob Cass from Just Creative
Creative Byte


Rosey Chan